The long narrow leaves of grass swaying gently in the summer breeze. The light was falling and could barely hear the distantchirping of a solitary bird.
As majestic columns of a temple erected in honor of nature, the trunks of the pine forest endowed to a truly solemn and lively, covering the ground with a permanent and extensive carpet ofhundreds if not thousands of brown needles, as if they wereislands in the sea rose plant mounds created by fallen pinecones.Thus harmonizing the two major colors green and brown, blending in fine strokes.
The gentle breeze stopped, and suddenly broke into the wave,followed by a long and severe thunder roaring with rage, shakingthe sturdy logs with a massive force, some cracked roots, whilethe carpet of leaves was torn with violence from its place,pineapple grenades exploded as it hit the hard wood trees. The calm and serenity of the place were banished.


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